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Glad To Be Here
There's so many things to love about this site. The clean approach to trans dating, the verification of each trans profile, the layout, and the focus on both the personality and sexuality of each member. I've had a super easy time starting a relationship here and i think it in part it was due to knowing exactly what i was searching for thanks to this site.
Matthew L.
Most Real TS Dating
This is probably the most real trans dating site I've ever come across. It has a very minimalist design but it's focus is all on the trans members so it really makes each profile shine and stand out. I'm rooting for this site and hoping every guy and girl can build a find a good relationship here. Let's hope it continues to grow to reach everyone around the world.
Alex M.
More Than Meets The Eye
Wow, beautiful trans girls everywhere was my first thought but then i started connecting with a few members here and i found a lot of depth and great personalities. It took me about a week to ask a member out but it was worth it and i feel like I've made a friend for life with lots of hope for the future. I've missed the feeling, so thanks tsmatch!
Kennie R.
Only Site For Me
TsMatch is the only dating site I'll ever need for obvious reasons and I'm incredibly happy with the platform. It's cute, easy to use, lot's of features, and it has made my dating life so much better than i ever thought it could be. If you genuinely love trans women like i do, I'm positive you'll love this site and its members.
Jonathan S.
Impressive In Every Way
I've been around for a long time but I've never been able to connect with a trans person on a real level mostly because i just couldn't find a website that offered that for me and the environment surrounding me didn't make it easy. I've been here a couple of weeks and I'm already well on my way to building a real relationship with a beautiful lady. 3rd date soon, wish me luck!
Barry M.
TS Dating Site Winner
This site clearly blows all the dating site competition out of the water. There is no better TS dating site out there, believe me I've practically tried them all. I'm a long time user and i can't say I've had a bad experience once. If you'd actually know me, that would be a really impressive statistic. If you can't find romance elsewhere, this could be it for you.
Jim S.
My Path To Happiness
I've always admired trans women from a far but always found it hard to get anywhere near starting to date one. I'm not the kind of guy to use personals and every site I've tried seemed to have nothing but fake profiles so this all took me by surprise here when i started having long conversations and eventually went on my first date from there. Everything worked out just fine from that point on.
Adam H.
TS Match Indeed
I made a major change in my life months ago and decided to give up the American life for something simpler in Thailand. I bought a nice house and had a good business running itself online but i was missing an emotional connection badly. I randomly stumbled across this site due to an affiliate link on a forum and I'm so happy i did because i met someone that live just 2 streets down and we couldn't be happier at the moment.
Tony P.
Grateful For Ts Match
Unlike many here, I've always had trans girlfriends growing up in high school and college but once i was done with those days it become incredibly difficult to find the type of girl I've always been interested in. I'm grateful to say this site helped me bring back that bittersweet nostalgia as my new relationship flourished. I couldn't be more content staying home and watching movies with her all day long. Thank you TSmatch.
Charlie T.
Lovely Dating App
Trans girl here just wanting to thank this website for a great experience. A few months ago I met a great man that loves and spoils me every day and of course i do the same for him. I signed up with few expectations and was pleasantly surprised by how nice everyone is here. If only the real world were a bit more like this website, we'd all be better off.
Jenny B.
My Respect and Support
It's very cool to see a trans dating site that is not all about the sex and tries to connect people on a deeper level. It has my respect and my support via subscription. I believe trans women deserve the same dating platforms everyone else is offered and it's great i can chat with someone on here about day to day interests and hobbies. Love it.
James L.
It's a Match For Me
Before this I've been on a few dates but had never been in a relationship mostly due to the fact i never felt like pursuing a cis girl. I'm 26 now and thanks to TS Match, i not only went on a couple dates with some great girls here, I'm well on my way to a real relationship and it definitely something i want to work towards pursuing every day.
Arturo H.
A Refreshing Approach
This is one of the most refreshing websites i have ever come across in the dating world. I travel a lot and due to my job it's hard to keep a normal dating life so I'm happy this site made it so easy for me to meet someone that is actually interested in traveling with me whether we're happy on vacation or bored when the duties of the job calls. Thank you for the match guys.
Shawn B.
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